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Create backups of your deciphered text data.
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Extract data from various sources to decipher and access it in your system. Create backups of data from an iTunes library, preserve the materials from MMS attachment, including video clips and image files. Save the results as regular texts or as HTML pages.

Decipher TextMessage lets you save and read your iPhone SMSs. The app can read your iTunes backups and get a list of all the SMSs that you have sent and received. You don't even have to have your iPhone connected to your Mac. However, if you don't often sync your device, this app isn't as useful as it could be if you do it regularly.

When you first run the application, it will start recovering your iTunes backups. This can take quite a while, especially if you sync multiple devices with iTunes. In my case, the application recovered two different backups for my iPhone and one for an iPad.

After that is done, you can simply click on the backup, and you will see a list of your iPhone contacts. There will pictures for those contacts that have them. If you click on a contact, you will see a list of all your SMS conversations. The trial version only allows you to see three SMS messages per contact.

You can save the current conversation or all of them to an HTML file. If you have sent or received MMSs, you can also save those.

In short, this is a nice application that helps you see and save your history of SMS and MMS messages from iTunes backups.

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José Fernández
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  • It works well
  • It can read backups


  • It won't read from your phone directly


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