Debtinator 3.3

Manage your debts and get them under control.
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Debtinator watches every cent you have. Every dollar you earn and every nickel you spend filter through the system and it tracks it all for you.
How closely do you really watch your money? If lunch costs you $8.61 and you pay with a ten dollar bill, do you remember what happens to your change? At the end of the month, have you ever found an extra $20 sitting in your jacket and blown it on a pizza? Or you happen across an extra $100 in the bank and get a few DVDs?

Most debt management schemes are like going on a diet - some expert tells you to scrimp and sacrifice and change your life for the greater good. And it's a recipe for failure. The guru doesn't know what works for you. You do.

Don't get us wrong - if you want to never go out to dinner and never go to a movie and never buy another video game, then that's awesome! It'll really help pay down your debts. But if you're like us, you not only want to have a debt free future, you want to live a life while you get there.

Instead, Debtinator lets you analyze your situation and move your money around as you want to. Maybe spending $50/month eating out will make all the difference and get you out of debt years earlier. Or maybe it'll only add on 3 weeks 'til you're debt free and you get to enjoy yourself along the way.

With Debtinator, you can stop guessing and actually analyze your situation to figure out what works the best. If it's better to save more, then do it. If you want to spend more, then do it. But you have the tools to see what works for you.

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