DC Ripped

DC Ripped 1.0

Rapidweaver theme with 7 width options, 12 Flash titles and more
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christine perry (610) 842-4636 ashley brownfield?--thorne, ben=son--thursday 484-343-2011 http://image.versiontracker.com/scrnsht/66862/209429/751orarifs.png http://image.versiontracker.com/scrnsht/66862/200183/214orarifs.png DC Ripped's multifaceted design is like having several themes in one, plus each theme can be customized with unlimited colour variations and your choice of 12 flash titles & slogans. Furthermore, each look or "theme" can be mixed with each other, giving you added options; Making this our most customizable theme without the aid of an external tool.
What's new in this version:
Fixed slight display problem in IE 6 Win.

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