DBExplorer 1.5

Simple web based interface to Sybase and SQLServer databases that have a JDBC interface.

DBExplorer is a simple web based interface to Sybase and SQLServer databases that have a JDBC interface. A brief overview of the functionality of the application is available at the support URL.
Based around an interactive SQL interface, the entire server can be browsed as a web site and is parsed to find dependancies between database objects. Links are inserted into Transact-SQL source to allow you to browse quickly between objects. Natural joins are detected from meta-data and can be used to insert links into data when it is displayed. This allows you to browse data in a fast and intuitive manner.
DBExplorer works by running a small local web server inside the application while it is running to serve pages to the user interface. This allows it to have a rich DHTML user experience while being portable across OSX, Windows and Linux, an architecture I term "server-client".
As it uses JDBC, DBExplorer also provides limited support for Oracle, DB2 and MySql servers and will require a Java JVM on your machine. Also available in the form of an Eclipse plugin windows binary and browser applet, for more information, go to http://dbexplorer.com or http://dbeclipse.org.

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