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This app helps you keep track of your tasks, contacts, notes, etc.
01 Nov 2021
5 Dec 2015
Editorial review
13 Aug 2013
Editorial review
4 Apr 2013
1 Jun 2012
3 May 2010
10 May 2010
Editorial review

What's new

v4.3 [13 Aug 2013]
- Ability to duplicate records for people, companies, projects, opportunities, tasks, appointments, notes, groups and forms
- Select the item and choose the Edit->Duplicate action
- Alternately if you're in the calendar you can option-drag to create a duplicate appointment at another day or time
- When filtering people, you can now choose from criteria based on birth date, anniversary date, or age.
- Columns for linked items, next pending task/appointment, keywords and more can now be used for sorting lists.
- Drag one or more selected items directly to the finder, to emails as attachments, etc.
- Added People, Companies, Projects and Opportunities Summary Print Layouts
- Added "Activity Time by Category" Report
- Added "Won Opportunities" Report
- Added "Incomplete Tasks Grouped by Project" Report
- Added "Incomplete Tasks Grouped by Opportunity" Report
- Added Opportunity and Project Snapshot Print Layouts
- Added "Birthdays and Anniversaries in the next 30 days" report
- Added support for Spanish and Dutch
- Added an option to edit the email sent out to external invitees of an appointment
- Added ability to choose a color to be associated for a given user, which can be used to color calendar appointments
- Added the ability to bulk edit repeating appointments
- Emails, URLs, and IM/Social fields show as links within the Detail Edit card
- Added option to change the user name of a user in the User and Teams Preference pane
- Tasks, projects and opportunities can be now be toggled individually in Calendar view
- Email Subject and Content for emails recorded through DMA are now editable if allowed in the new Email preference pane
- Added a "shared" checkbox to the person and company detail panes (Available in the "Add Field" menu when editing)
- Added contextual menu support for forms
- Added auto-capitalization to the postal code fields
- Moved the "nickname" field to near the top of the Person detail card
- Sync indicator warning icon now appears yellow if you haven't synced for more than a day, and red if you haven't synced for more than 3 days
- Added sorting to Pipelines in the Pipelines Preference pane
- Added ability to edit Title, Note, and Date for Files
- When exporting vCards, the default name is now the name of the person or company you are exporting
- Subtasks/subgroups will no longer be shown twice if their parent task/group also appears in user created lists or smart lists (including 'All' list)
- Double-clicking in the whitespace of a Detail Edit card, now puts the item in Edit mode
- Added the ability to link new items to the current selection by menu (Edit > Link to…) or contextual menu (Command-L)
- Added the ability to map Company Type when importing Delimited Data for Companies
- Width of the Sidebar is now remembered
- Added the ability to view Smart List sharing information by clicking on the sharing icon in the Smart List
- Added the ability to overwrite the Person's default role and role type when importing People
- Added the ability to delete multiple appointments even when some of the selected appointments are repeating
- Added menu item File->New Item (⌘-N) for creating a new item of whichever item type is currently selected in the sidebar
- Activity sets are sorted by active and name in the Activity Set preference pane
- Added the ability to run a Print Layout from the Activity View Selection
- Only Users with admin or superuser access may go to the Users and Teams and Permissions preference panes now
- Tasks marked done or cancelled no long show in Calendar view
- Added email's original date to standard email web print layout
- Added "None" option to the contextual menu for setting category
- Enabled creation of text tables and links in letter templates
- Improved performance for detail cards with a large number of tokens
- Added ability to search for text inline when viewing a note or an email
- Improved performance when applying changes to permissions presets
- "Return" when in extra fields now adds a new line for easy entering of multi-line data
- Added the "People" column within the Projects Multi Column list view
- When emailing a note or email, any locally downloaded files linked to the note/email will be included in the new message
- Holding down the Option key when saving from a create window will now always take you to that new item in the main window
- When creating a new linked item in the main window, permissions are only inherited from the parent if they are less permissive than the default permissions for the new item
- Added the ability to import Ascii .vcf files exported from LinkedIn
- Added the ability to import Delimited Data for Forms
- Added the ability to specify a category (or none) when importing ICS files
- Added a unified installer for Daylite and DMA
- Fixed an issue where templates did not have the correct Page margins
- Increased the user input label length in Reports to 25 characters
- When importing ICS files, Daylite now switches to "My Calendar" instead of the "User and Resources" calendar
- Fixed an issue where reminders for Tasks created (from applying an Activity Set) were not being set for the future
- Merging templates that contain rich text and sending it to Mail, no longer sends as Plain Text
- Pluralized the labels for the "Category", "Keyword" and "Activity Set" preference panes
- The system preference "Swipe between pages" in the trackpad preferences is now respected for controlling whether or not swipe can dismiss slideovers
- Fixed diacritic (accented characters) string sorting throughout the application
- Removing a column from multi-column view which is part of a multi column sort resets the multi column sort
- Fixed an issue where an item's associated group names were not sorted appropriately in the Groups column of multi-column view
- Custom page margins settings for letter templates are now respected
- Exporting in the French localized version now only selects one export option and not both tab and csv formatting
- Fixed an issue where the user who accepts a meeting invite would also get notified of the acceptance if they are also the owner of the meeting
- Fixed an issue where the total amount was not being updated for opportunities if a line item was deleted
- Fixed an issue which sometimes caused edited data to not show after saving the item
- Fixed an issue where moving a task/appointment from a stage to another in the pipeline preferences might lose the task/appointment
- Fixed an issue where the app could fail to sync due to a missing port number
- Daylite no longer becomes active when using the date picker in the Task quick entry window
- Current day in the calendar and home pane is now updated if the day changes while the app is running after the computer wakes from sleep
- Externally organized appointments can no longer have their status changed through the contextual menu
- Fixed the export of Korean characters when exporting appointments to Apple Calendar through ICS files
- Fixed an issue with task reminders that would not fire at the correct time when set to '0 days before/after'
- Fixed the ability to sort the State column in the opportunity state reason preference pane
- Fixed an issue where Delegation deletion or Meeting deletion notifications may show up with blank titles in the Notification Popover
- The View->Back menu item can now also be triggered by the Command-Left-Arrow keyboard shortcut
- Fixed an issue that would prevent Daylite from recreating a local copy after a failed attempt
- Back button now works when viewing a private appointment in a slideover
- Fixed a layout issue with the Suffix field if the width of the detail pane was constrained
- Keywords applicable to tasks or appointments are only shown when editing items in the pipeline and activity set preferences
- Fixed incorrect saving error when merging a letter
- Changed opportunity report keypath name from "complete date" to "end date" to be consistent with UI in Daylite
- Default email signature is now preserved when sending emails through Apple Mail
- Undo/Redo options behave correctly in the Report Engine
- Fixed an import failure that would happen when missing a label value for destination fields
- Deleting line items from an estimate in an opportunity create card now works properly
- Fixed problem where some reminders for repeat appointments might be skipped
- Fixed an issue where reminders could not be removed from the Notifications preference pane when setting to "none"
- Fixed an issue where deselecting the week or day view could cause a crash
- Users are now searched properly in the Users and Resources calendar filter
- Fixed an issue when dialing via Skype after adding a new phone number to a person or company
- Plain text setting in Mail for new messages will be respected for messages created from Daylite (10.8 only)
- Fixed a sporadic crash when nextPendingTask columns are turned on in the list views
- Fixed an issue preventing tasks from being moved to empty stages in objective progress view
- Tasks created from the Inbox or Miscellaneous will automatically remove from it when assigned to an objective during creation
- Phone formatting preferences are now also respected in the contact cards in DMA.
- Fixed a crash which could occur after visiting the preferences, logging out, logging back in and viewing the trash window.
- Inactive users are no longer displayed in the Bulk Edit owner popup
- The list of users displayed in the bulk edit owner popup are now sorted in alphabetical order
- It is no longer possible to drag an externally organized appointment to change the date/time in the day, week or month views.
- Improved performance in create windows if there are a large number of items in the activity view
- Fixed a sporadic crash when logging out while viewing a note or email
- Importing an item which has no role type will no longer set the role type as 'Participant'
- Fixed bulk edit "Copy Phones/Address to Company" option
- Fixed updating of field wrapper characters when changed in the delimited importer
- Fixed a display issue that could occur in task multi-column view where some rows showed blank when other tasks above the list were expanded.
- Fixed a bug where read-only notes could be edited
- Linked project and opportunity tokens in the person and company cards are now sorted first by "active" state and then alphabetically
- The "View->Back" keyboard shortcut is now Command-Shift-Ö when running in German
- Improved performance when entering edit mode for a person or company if you have a large number of people or companies in your shared lists
- Fixed potential crash when double-clicking on a task with read-only permissions.
- Fixed a potential crash that can occur when indenting tasks when the last task in the list is selected.
- Fixed activity view for opportunity which was not displaying estimates
- Fixed an issue with moving/reordering tasks in objective progress view
- Print menu selection is disabled for private appointments belonging to other users.
- Fixed issue where some task details could be editable on a non-editable task.
- Fixed an issue where the title of an appointment may be visible in a menu even if the appointment is marked as private for the current user.
- Meeting invites and letter merging no longer fails when the person's email address has capital letters in it.
- Menu items and contextual menu items should now be supported when repeating appointments are selected where applicable.
- Fixed an issue which could cause Daylite to crash when adding a CalDAV or Subscription calendar through the Calendar Sharing Preference pane
- Improved performance with the delimited data importer
- Fixed linking of projects to companies using the company source import ID through the delimited data importer

v4.2 [4 Apr 2013]
• Time & date now shown on the Created and Modified Columns in the Calendar List View.
• Fixed a sporadic crash when adding a new task
• Fixed broken list in the the notifications preference pane for German and French users.

v4.0 [1 Jun 2012]
- Added numerous print layouts.
- Added Comments to the Create Estimate window. Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where sync would pause or slow down significantly when processing changes.
- When creating activities for a pipeline stage, a prompt now appears asking for a target end date when appropriate instead of crashing.
- Fixed an issue where a pipeline stage activity set was always created when the option to create was unchecked.
- Making font/format changes when in an edit card no longer causes the app to crash (has no effect).
- Removed the "Add new Tasks to Inbox" option from the Default Values preference pane as it is no longer required.
- Blue focus ring no longer shows up in edit cards for date fields in Mountain Lion.
- Add remote server sheet now times out if an unreachable address is entered.
- Importing vCards with contacts that all have the same company no longer creates duplicate companies.
- Fixed an issue where the focus was not on the task title field when making a new linked task.
- Correct labels are exported when exporting objects through vCards.
- Exported vCards from Daylite no longer lose internationalization.
- Imports additional fields which were previously missing when importing vCards.
- Fixed a bug where export dialogues would appear when creating an appointment after having completed a calendar export.
- Fixed a crash that would occur when trying to assign a task or appointment to an objective that does not exist.
- Fixed an issue with trying to repeat the last stage of a pipeline.
- Fixed a crash when trying to show an appointment occurrence by clicking "More" in the Notification popover.
- Fixed a crash that would occur after importing a .ics file containing tasks.
- Fixed an offline sync issue that would stop changes from transferring.
- Fixed issue with assigning a task to the Worklist in the multi-column list mode using the pin button.
- Fixed a crash that occurred while changing an existing data field to primary when the respective column was visible in the multi-column view.
- Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to link objects.
- Made changes to prevent a possible crash when using the Calendar Sharing preference pane.
- Fixed a crash that would occur when using the owner contextual menu on a token while in Edit mode.
- Fixed an issue that would occur when accessing preferences while the Daylite window was closed or minimized.
- Fixed an issue where a default reminder would be created when none were defined in the Notification Preferences.
- Improved the order in which some notifications would appear in the Notification popover.
- Fixed an issue where Terms would not show up in a custom estimate.
- When delegating a private object, the user being delegated to is now automatically included in the read and write permissions.
- Terms button is no longer disabled when there are no line items selected.
- Fixed a crash that occurred when creating estimates or viewing report/print layouts caused by a bug in Apple's PDF support in OS X 10.7.4.
- Fixed a possible crash when ICS subscriptions with certain URLs update.
- Fixed an issue where Daylite would hang if an error was encountered while trying to create a local copy.
- New task and task slide over card expanded state are now stored per-user rather than globally.
- More information is shown when displaying the file attachments in the activity view row.
- Fixed an issue which prevented a user to choose a Form and Field to map data to when using the Delimited Data Importer.
- Improved processing of reminders that could otherwise cause performance degradation.
- Fixed an issue where reminders for completed tasks would still fire.
- Fixed an issue where the sub-task of a sub-task would not appear in the Not Done list.
- Fixed an issue where print layouts added would not appear when printing.
- Changed the way report script errors are reported in the Console. Now they are more verbose showing the potential location of the error.

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