DaVinci Resolve versions

Complete post-production processing of images.
Sep 14, 2023
Apr 17, 2023
Nov 10, 2022
Apr 19, 2022
Oct 22, 2021
Mar 6, 2020
Jan 20, 2014
Aug 7, 2012
Jul 20, 2011

What's new

v18.1 [Nov 10, 2022]
• Support for Blackmagic RAW SDK 2.8.
• Preferences option to manually set display scaling on Windows.
• Addressed an issue with incorrect clip thumbnails on some systems.
• Addressed keyboard shortcuts for switching primaries.
• Addressed an issue rendering MXF clips with embedded captions.
• Addressed audio clicks when monitoring after changing EQ type.
• Addressed a Text3D issue with characters with intersections.
• Addressed an issue importing tracking data in Fusion.
• Addressed an issue evaluating Group or Macro tool expressions.
• Addressed an issue with Text+ on old CPUs.
• General performance and stability improvements.

v18.0 [Apr 19, 2022]
• Addressed issue with incorrectly generated DNxHR cache files.
• Addressed issues with grabbing power grade stills in network projects.
• Addressed incorrect IDT selection on upgraded ACES projects.
• Addressed issues in some Javascript API calls for workflow integrations.
• Addressed a Mandelbrot color issue in Fusion on Apple silicon.
• Addressed a gain and gamma issue when normalizing Fusion viewers.
• Addressed possible gain issues with the duplicate tool in Fusion.
• Addressed a blend and jittering issue on duplicate tools with Apple silicon.
• General performance and stability improvements.

v17.4 [Oct 22, 2021]
• Improved playback performance for Fusion titles and effects.
• Addressed an issue with parts of H.264 clips showing offline on Windows.
• Addressed an issue where changes to date created would not be saved.
• Addressed display issue with installed transitions in the edit page.
• Addressed rescanning on startup issue with crashed VST3 plugins.
• Addressed an issue scanning VST3 plugins on certain system languages.
• Addressed an issue with rescanning unlicensed audio plugins on startup.
• Addressed an issue with dynamic delay compensation with VST3 plugins.
• Addressed incorrect cached VST3 plugins names in the inspector.
• Addressed an issue with some plugin alliance VST3 plugins not working.
• Addressed issue with retaining positions of locked Fairlight plugin windows.
• Addressed an issue with EQ icon display on a track in the Fairlight page.
• Addressed an issue with B-Chain groups display in the Fairlight page.
• Addressed issue with updating the flag color selection in the Fairlight page.
• Addressed issues with multichannel audio output in Linux.
• Addressed an issue with project save after importing a Dolby Atmos master.
• Addressed an issue exporting to Pro Tools with handles.
• Addressed an issue with moving a power window after pasting attributes.
• Addressed an issue with the 3D keyer when compositing multiple layers.
• Addressed an issue with glow in the Resolve FX halation plugin.
• Addressed issues using power windows with Resolve FX face refinement.
• Addressed an issue with Canon cinema gamut in RCM.
• Addressed issues with positioning text for some Fusion titles.
• Addressed slow performance issues on some OpenCL Windows systems.
• Support for latest RED SDK.
• Addressed an issue with incorrect resolution display for Sony Raw clips.
• Addressed issues rendering some MXF files to Windows network storage.
• Addressed an issue with easyDCP composition name generator.
• Addressed issue with sync of media managed audio and video clips.
• Addressed a crash when rotating a power window with the advanced panel.
• Addressed startup crash on some systems using different locales.
• Addressed startup crash with old Intel graphics drivers on Windows.
• General performance and stability improvements.

v16.2 [Mar 6, 2020]
• Addressed an issue with importing 23.976 fps ATEM ISO projects.
• General performance and stability improvements.

v9.0 [Aug 7, 2012]
-to-use interface design
- Larger full color palettes with direct user access to more tools for faster grading
- One click selection for fast switching between timelines
- Three timeline appearance selections to show re-sizable timeline tracks and thumbnails, with optional audio waveform, flags and markers
- Expandable timeline view for long edit sessions
- Bigger and clearer text to ease eye strain
- Drag and drop effects from the Effects Pool
- Add flags to clips for quick and easy sorting and filtering
- Resizable gallery stills stored and displayed in user-named albums
- Includes 44 'Looks' for fast grade selection
- Streamlined project import, export and selection workflow with just five screens that step you through each project
- Selection of timeline available on conform and color page New Login, Project and Clip management tools
- Scroll thumbnails to select user login or just type the user name
- Browse and select projects with scrubbable thumbnail or list view
- Double-click thumbnails for fast project loading
- Search projects by name or format
- Sort projects by name, creation, modification date or frame rate
- Project count displayed per user in thumbnail and list view
- Browse and select clips in the Media Library with resizable and scrubbable thumbnail or list view
- Sort and search folders and clips
- Hover over clip to reveal metadata
- Embedded audio icon indicates which clips have audio
- Media Pool now easily managed by dragging and dropping clips and bins
- Media Pool now has consolidated clip attributes controls permitting concurrent modification of multiple clip elements for multiple clips
- Media Pool list view now also displays input LUT, PAR, video/data level, frame rate and audio channels
- Capture-from-tape includes Log and Capture, Batch Clips, and Capture-Now options
- Projects can now be saved in a project-based file database with optional database server New Dailies, Audio, Conform and Editing tools
- Mixed source clip frame rate support option for simplifying XML and AAF workflows
- Insert, Overwrite and Edit Ripple support
- Blade tool for applying multiple cuts
- Support for amending timeline start timecode
- Templates for user-selectable keyboard shortcuts matching popular editing functions
- Support for speed warps from FCP XML and Avid AAF with handles
- Trim RED R3D clips to new extents with handles
- 100+ production metadata fields for entering on set shot notes
- Add flags and markers to clips for fast and easy location and sorting
- Audio playback support for up to 16 channels per source clip and PCM audio rendering in both QuickTime and MXF
- Dual-system audio auto-sync via timecode to match multiple video clips
- High precision dual-scale audio waveform display in source viewer
- Playback of BWF and embedded audio clips with audio waveform display
- Support for RF64 format for BWF enabling files larger than 4GB
- 16 channel audio meters with selectable dB and dBu scale
- User-selectable reference alignment levels for dBu scale
- Master and Default timelines can now be sorted in timecode order or reel name and timecode order
- Optional automatic creation of the Master timeline to match the Media Pool New Color Correction tools
- New Log, Camera Raw, Stereoscopic 3D, Tracker, Sizing and Data Burn-in palettes for faster access and grading
- Log grading includes Lowlight, Midtone, Highlight and Offset in every corrector node concurrent with traditional DaVinci 3-way grading
- Log palette also includes Contrast and Pivot with low and high range controls
- One click generation of LUTs from the clip grade
- Nodes can now be named; linking nodes is much faster
- Primary Control palettes now includes Master Gain
- Camera Raw palette offers real time direct control with Image Debayer and Decode settings optionally saved as a part of the grade version
- Window and Key palettes display the selected windows, key shape and position
- Tracker palette displays editable keyframe timeline
- Stereoscopic 3D palette offers Floating Windows and also separate Viewer, Monitor and Waveform Mesh selections
- Additional and faster automatic stereo 3D image alignment tool
- Data Burn-ins palette for source clip and traditional track burn-ins now includes multiple custom text and logos and user selectable fade up and down times
- Sort and filter thumbnail timeline shots by flags, markers shots modified recently
- Clips in the RGBA format can now use the Alpha channel for matte
- Alpha clip type is selectable for each source clip
- Input LUTs are selectable for each source clip
- Easy application of Gallery memory/still grade to multiple clips
- Version name presets to improve selection speed and accuracy
- Double click timeline thumbnail version name to see clip codec
- Clip details window now includes EDL comments, clip description and notes
- Improved tracker accuracy with non-square PAR images
- ACES v0.1.1 support
- ADX10 IDT support New Viewer modes
- Automatic switchable viewer to SDI video output with synced audio
- Full screen viewer mode for accurate review of Windows and Qualifiers
- New cinema mode offers a clean full screen so you can sit back and enjoy a preview of graded material
- Dedicated screen for creating rendered deliverables includes large viewer and timeline
- Video scopes now available in 1, 2 and 4 up display, including optimized trace display
- 4K monitoring with DeckLink Quad SDI New Deliver screen for rendering and edit-to-tape
- User-configurable easy setups can now be saved and recalled
- Concurrent renders can be generated for multiple format dailies deliverables
- Simple text name burn-in for dailies deliverables
- Force Highest Quality Debayer and Resizing setting when rendering clips
- Batch Render Queue shows job status
- Edit-to-Tape mode for fast transfer of jobs to tape
- Support for Anaglyph stereoscopic 3D rendering
- Support for timeline filters to select clips for render New and improved codec support
- Encoding and decoding DNxHD in a QuickTime wrapper
- Improved decoder performance for uncompressed MXF on Linux
- Improved CinemaDNG, ARRI Alexa and Sony F65 debayer performance
- Canon C500 camera codec support
- Improved Phantom Cine decoder New performance optimization
- Resolve for Mac is now a 64-bit app for faster operation with more clips
- Improved performance for single GPU systems
- Optimized display mode during playback improves speed for reduced performance systems
- Dramatically increased render speeds for a number of codecs
- Hot plug and play for external USB drives on Mac OS X
- GateKeeper signature for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion security support
- General performance and stability improvements

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