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DailyDo is a very simple to-do application for the Mac.
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DailyDo is a very simple to-do application for the Mac. It allows you to add as many to-do tasks as you want in a very nice notepad. This notepad has a very nice design. When you open it, you will see two pages: today and tomorrow, with their respective full dates (day of the week, month and year). You can simply click on "+ add a new task" to start typing a new task. Hit the return key and the task will be added to your list. You can browse past and future dates by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the screen. You can add tasks for future dates but not for past dates, which makes sense. From the Preferences window, you can change the appearance of the notepad by removing the grid lines and changing the fonts. You can also disable sound effects. From here, you can also activate a nice feature which automatically moves yesterday's unmarked tasks to today.

I like this application's design, but it is missing quite a few features. For example, there is no menubar icon that lets you see tasks quickly. You have to download a separate app for that. Also, I couldn't find a notification system. There is a mention of it in the description, but I haven't noticed a single reference to it anywhere in the application.

José Fernández
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  • Nice design


  • Lacking important features
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