DAEMON Tools Lite

DAEMON Tools Lite 2.1

DAEMON Tools Lite is a program that lets you mount disc images on your Mac.

This application is a release of the very popular program DAEMON Tools. The version was developed especially for Mac users and it helps them mount virtual drives with little effort. Even though it doesn't bring as many features as the Windows one does, DAEMON Tools Lite for Mac is a great solution for emulating CD/DVD virtual drives on your Mac.

The program supports a wide variety of disc image formats, such as BWT, CUE, MDX, ISO, DMG, and much more. You can mount up to four virtual drives at a time and manage their files using the Mac Finder. DAEMON Tools Lite keeps a record of all mounted drives and, if you want, you can configure it to replace the oldest mounted image with a new one.

A great aspect about using this application is that it communicates well with the Finder app. If you right-click a disc image with a format supported by DAEMON Tools Lite, you can take advantage of the shell tool menu and mount the image directly.

To be honest, I was quite disappointed by the inability to mount more than four virtual drives at a time. Windows version allows its users to emulate up to 32 disc images at once.

To conclude, DAEMON Tools Lite can prove to be a great addition to your collection of programs if you don't mind the aforementioned disadvantage. The application supports dozens of disc image formats, it takes seconds to mount the virtual drives, and the price is reasonable.

Ashley Griggs
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