CVL 3.4

CVL is a version and configuration management tool..
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CVL (Concurrent Versions Librarian) is a version and configuration management tool for MacOS X, Mac OS X Server (Rhapsody), Windows and OPENSTEP. It helps managing versions of various resources (source code, projects, documents). It allows parallel modifications as well as branches. CVL is useful for one and for many users.

CVL is a graphical user interface to CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) most often used commands. Its work area viewer (Fig. 1) allows you to quickly check the status of your files and directories. It is an alternative to Apple's ProjectBuilder source code management (SCM) bundle; it even provides more features than SCM. As a standalone application, it can be used by non-developers.

For WebObjects and MacOS X Server developers, CVLAvatar a ProjectBuilder bundle, provides improved integration between CVL and ProjectBuilder.

Features of CVL include:
Easy to use interface to CVS most often used commands, including: commit, update, tag, checkout, import, status, log,...
Work Area viewer to quickly check file status.
Recursively computed directory status.
Status, Log, Differences and Tag inspectors.
Interface to to resolve merges and conflicts.
Multiple repositories.
Easy access to local and remote repositories.
Standalone application.
Offers service to other applications.
Synchronization with ProjectBuilder (not yet available for MacOS X).
No proprietary extensions: repositories, work areas, administration are 100% CVS compatible.
Source code is available.

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