Cursed Memories: The Secret Of Agony Creek Collector's Edition 1.0

Solve challenging hidden object screens and unique puzzles as you traverse through the abandoned cit
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Cursed Memories: Secret of Agony Creek is an enthralling Hidden Object/Adventure game set in a town shrouded in mystery. Over a century ago, a terrible tragedy destroyed the town's gold mines. What was unleashed next was a terrible curse that drove all of the inhabitants to evacuate Agony Creek. Explore a haunted town and uncover the ground-shaking secret before the night is over. After that, Agony Creek closes permanently. Explore the Agony Creek across incredibly detailed and spine-tingling locations presented in a high quality art style. Make your way further into the heart of the town, meet interesting yet doleful characters, and uncover an eerie and somber mystery. This deep and expansive adventure provides over 6 hours of gameplay, hidden items to discover, and a slew of bonus content that will keep you playing to discover all the secrets of Agony Creek. This with the high quality presentation Vast Studios is known for, Cursed Memories: Secret of Agony Creek will draw you in and bury you in an enthralling mystery. The Collector's Edition includes: Bonus gameplay Integrated Strategy Guide Wonderful Wallpapers Features: Travel through nightmarish environments as you explore the entire town of Agony Creek. Experience an immersive story full of twists and turns. Choose 'Relaxed' or 'Expert' mode to suit your personal play style. Solve 25 unique Hidden Object scenes and Puzzles. Full voice acting brings you closer to the story and characters.



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