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Are you looking for a faster and simpler way to convert currency rates on your Mac!
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Are you looking for a faster and simpler way to convert currency rates on your Mac! Currency Compare meets the need.
Currency Compare is a simple Mac Application that lets users to compare currency rates in real time. All you need to do is select your currency and the other currency that you are converting to; then put the amount using the built-in numeric keys. The app will show you the present rate as per the given amount instantly. This is a drop-dead easy application for this basic function of currency conversion.
App highlights:
-Simple user interface with easy app operations.
-Choose from a comprehensive list of all the currencies of the world.
-Use built-in numeric keys to enter amount to be converted.
-Check currency rate from Statusmenu bar icon.
-Find settings for hiding dock icon and opening app at log in in app’s preferences window.
-Increase or decrease opacity of the app interface.
-Data is fetched from one of the most reliable sources.

This app is ideal for people who monitor world currency exchange rates very often. Currency Compare app will help them to check the exchange rates between two currency much faster than any other medium.
So, download Currency Compare today and make available currency exchange rates at your finger tip.
Note: Currency Compare is an online app. This app won’t be functional if your system does not have a working internet connection

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