Cue Cards

Cue Cards 2.1

Create and prints sets of custom cue cards.
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Software Pot Pie

Prepare for a speech or a public appearance by making cue cards. Write down any desired content, select the size and font, split a larger text into several cards, then send them directly to printing or select an export option to transfer them to an iPhone.

Cue Cards Desktop is finally here! Now you can easily create your next great speech or presentation on your Mac and copy it to your iPhone*. Cue Cards Desktop works exactly like Cue Cards for iPhone** with the ease of using a full size keyboard and mouse.
• Cue Cards Desktop can rearrange the order of cards in a set.
• Optional overflow text handling: Text that will not fit on a card will create a new card.
• Optional font re-sizing: Text typed in a card will re-size to fit that card.
• Print your cards instead of sending them to your iPhone
* File sharing requires a wireless network
** Available on the App Store on your iPhone

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