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Cubotronic 3D is a very original and challenging 3D puzzle game.
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maystorm games 2011

Cubotronic 3D is a very original and challenging 3D puzzle game. This game is all about cubes, as its name suggests. Your objective is to define the movement of several cubes that are spread around the screen in order to create a perfect 3 by 3 group of cubes in the center. I know what might be hard to understand, but this is a game that you have to see and play to understand. Let me just briefly explain the first few levels so you get a grasp of how the game is played. When I started the first level, I saw four platforms with some cubes arranged in them and an empty, central platform. Whenever you click on one of the outer four platforms, two arrows appear, one is red and the other blue. Those will be the directions in which the platforms will move when you finish the level. You have to make sure that when you move all the platforms, no cubes collide with each other, or you will lose. So, in addition to selecting the right directions of movement, you have to choose the right order in which the platforms will move. The game will follow the order in which you assigned the direction of movement of the platforms. If you first click on the top-left one, and then on the top-right one, that will be the order in which they will move.

The explanation above might feel a little complicated, but I felt the same way when I read the developer's description and my expectations for this game were very low. But when I played it, I liked it a lot and I didn't think it was too complicated. Of course, it is nice to be challenged by a game, and as you progress through the many levels available, the game gets more and more interesting.

José Fernández
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