Cryptix 1.0

Encrypts different files and adds password protection.
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Study cryptography procedures and add encryption to various files. The application supports password assignment, data access modification according to multiple set standards, and works with text files, images, etc. Multiple built-in password generators interact with the main client.

Cryptix is a complete solution for cryptography, encoding and ciphers. You can also make numerous tasks and learn more about cryptography...
The main interface is divided into 2 parts. One for the cryptography, the other one for the security, containing tools such as (Checksum, Network, Unix). You can also thanks to this software have any elements necessary for your security (Passwords & System management).
Key features:
- AES 128/256 bits
- ANO, Blowfish 447
- Outguess
- OpenSSL
- Wordlist generator
- RSA Signature Reader & More...

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