Crossword Express

Crossword Express 6.8

Solve these crossword and vocabulary puzzles, or design your own.

Crossword Express is an advanced demo that shows how the program can help you to create crossword and vocabulary puzzles for a wide variety of applications. The flexible system offers a number of options for creating standard, classroom, preset word, and special-interest puzzles; also, it lets you specify dictionaries so puzzles can be tailored precisely for your needs. You choose the grid size, and use established or custom lattice templates for various styles of puzzles. Easy to follow menus provide access to Crossword Express' various modules for specific dictionaries, lattice models, exporting, and more. The program is thoroughly documented and includes a tutorial. Registered users can access a number of free dictionaries, and create live Java-based Web puzzles, using the growing library of Freeware Java applets.

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