CrisCalen 1.2

Adds a digital calendar with quick access options.
1.2 (See all)
O.Kenji Design

Replace the standard system calendar on your Mac with the custom application running in the background and easily summoned to display date, time, week, month and year data. Multiple options for visualizing the information are available in the settings.

※ Will be "Free" from the August 1 2013 !
"CrisCalen" is a simple and functional calendar application that resides on the desktop.
Change the background, please decorate your desktop calendar with your favorite design. Schedule can be checked directly while working in Mac "secretary of the Desktop" as he.
· Your favorite design of calendar will be desktop image.
Background of the calendar is "transparent", "Favorite Color" image "theme" you can choose from.
Since a growing theme images will continue to enjoy the season and changed to suit your mood.
The date part, such as text color and language of the day can be set precisely.
· ICal, GoogleCalendar can be used to sync with.
If you already have iCal and GoogleCalendars in sync, you can check the schedule.
· Five months calendar view.
You can see the calendar for five months at a time.
You can also easily check the schedule.
Also, since the Dock icon also displays the date, the date can be seen from the Dock even when the calendar had been hidden by other windows.
• Desktop favorite place
Moving to a location on your desktop by dragging, by viewing the top of the window, you can use with your favorite place for easy viewing.

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