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CrazySquares is a very simple object avoidance game.
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CrazySquares is a very simple object avoidance game in which you click-and-drag a red square to avoid the moving blue rectangles, while keeping the square away from the boundary edges. There are four difficulty levels, basic sound effects, and a leaderboard with Game Center integration.

On each difficulty level, the blue obstacle rectangles start out in the same locations with the same direction of movement; what varies with difficulty is their starting speed. On each level the speed gradually increases, making quick movements necessary to proceed. At some point, the pace will reach a point where a collision is all but inevitable. The average person might choose to play a second round to see if they can beat their score. If you play a third game, you must really want that leaderboard spot, because I can see no other reason to continue playing this extraordinarily basic game. Not worth your 99 cents.

Sam's Protip: Three of the rectangles move along a set path consistently. If you identify positions that are safe from these, you can focus on the rogue rectangle in your avoidance. Of course, this only works up to a certain speed of play.

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  • Accelerating speed provides something of a challenge


  • Graphically primitive
  • Poor English localization
  • Predictable obstacle movement



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