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Crazy Toad 3.1

Breakout style game with a fun twist.
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Crazy Toad is an original Arkanoid clone for Mac. In this game, you control a gnome who carries a huge mushroom. Above the mushroom is a toad, who apparently wants to eat a spider that sits on top of some blocks up on the screen. So, when you start the game, the toad will start flying onto the blocks and breaking them one by one until you get to the spider. You should follow the toad and keep up with it so that it doesn't fall to the ground. When the toad eats the spider, the level is complete. Just like in Arkanoid, there are several different power-ups that make your job easier. For example, if you catch an umbrella, the toad will fall slower. Then there are other power-ups that make the toad bigger or that give you several toads. When you have more than one toad to catch, the game is harder, but you also break twice as many blocks at the same time. Also, bigger toads break more blocks as well.

In conclusion, Crazy Toad is an original game that is fun to play and not too expensive. By the way, with it you can enjoy nice graphics, sounds and music.

José Fernández
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  • Original idea for an Arkanoid clone
  • Nice graphics
  • Fun


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