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"Crashsite" is a Third Person Shooter with a "UFO: Enemy Unknown" touch.
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"Crashsite" is a Third Person Shooter with a "UFO: Enemy Unknown" touch.
As an operative of a private military contractor of the Usa : "Daimonion" you investigate mysterious alien activity, that takes place around a multidimensional object - "the whirlpool", that exploded into existence presumably after an accident in a secret lab somewhere in Northern America.
At the beginning, invaders that break into our world, have significant problems adjusting. Their ships seem to just crash by themselves( left to be reverse engineered ). But they start to pose a bigger threat as the game progresses.
Extraterrestrials invade, destroy cities and "format" the terrain to make it suitable for further colonization. Preventing them from progression is a Crew of mercenaries commanded by a feisty heroine: Eez, aided by a nifty arsenal of spaceships, and weapons, also expandable by DLC.
The game is open ended. It is you who decide where we want to fly in a ship of your choice, what sites to investigate, which enemy ships to fight, and what powerups to unlock.
The game plays different every time, offering a versatile, interesting experience, that fans of action-shooters yarning for more depth, are sure to find totally satisfying and unique.
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