cross-platform framework for Mac/Win C++ development
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CPLAT II is a complete redesign of the original CPLAT framework providing a modern low-cost C++ cross-platform framework for development under MacOS, Windows and soon Linux. Unlike other cross-platform frameworks that emulate the appearance of the underlying OS, CPLAT uses the native UI controls of the underlying platform. In addition to using the native OS controls, CPLAT provides accessors to allow you to get the underlying OS object and make direct calls as necessary to add features that you might want for a particular platform.
What's new in this version:
This update includes support for building Universal Binaries and XCode 2.1 for building OSX PPC and Intel apps. Many performance improvements and recplacing depreciated OS functions with more modern OS APIs. Also included is a new PPobToXML conversion tool for converting PowerPlant PPobs to CPLAT XML for use in creating a UI.

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