Coyote's Tale - Fire and Water 1.0

Coyote's Tale - Fire and Water is a simple hidden-object game.
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Coyote's Tale - Fire and Water is a simple hidden-object game in which you will visit multiple locations in a map playing hidden-object games and defeating Aztec gods. In every location you visit, there will be some objects you need to find. The objects will not be shown on a list like in most hidden-object games, but they will be shown one by one, so you need to click on the arrows to see what are the objects you need to find and what they look like. Unfortunately, there are no penalties for random clicking and the objects are not very well camouflaged with the background, so the game is pretty easy.

After you have completed a series of locations, you will need to face one of the gods by playing enjoyable mini-games. The mini-games can be skipped if you want, and you will be given a special item. Unfortunately, the game offers only one mode and graphics are pretty simple, as well as sounds.

In short, I really would not recommend Coyote's Tale - Fire and Water because you will surely find much better hidden-object games out there. It may work for beginners, but definitely, not for advanced users.

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Silvana Mansilla
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Review summary


  • Nice theme
  • Enjoyable mini-games


  • Simple graphics and sounds
  • Objects are not well-camouflaged with the environment
  • No penalties for random clicking
  • Only one mode



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