Corporate Finance Calculator 1.0

Perform basic and advanced financial calculations.
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Work with a collection of digital financial calculators on your Mac. Check out the options for getting the right values of the asset-to-sales ratio, asset the turnover ratio, contribution margin, current ratio, days in inventory, debt coverage ratio, debt ratio, debt-to-equity ratio, etc.

Corporate Finance Calculator is an easy to use App that Contains 25 Financial Calculators
Corporate Finance Calculator includes the following Calculators:
- Asset to Sales Ratio
- Asset Turnover Ratio
- Avg Collection Period
- Contribution Margin
- Current Ratio
- Days in Inventory
- Debt Coverage Ratio
- Debt Ratio
- Debt to Equity Ratio
- Discounted Payback Period
- Equivalent Annual Annuity
- Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE)
- Free Cash Flow to Firm (FCFF)
- Interest Coverage Ratio
- Inventory Turnover Ratio
- Net Present Value
- Net Profit Margin
- Net Working Capital
- Payback Period
- Quick Ratio
- Receivables Turnover Ratio
- Retention Ratio
- Return on Assets (ROA)
- Return on Equity (ROE)
- Return on Investment
It Also Includes:
- Formula for Each Calculator
- Description for Each Calculator
- Copy Answer Button
- Clear Button
- Clear All Button

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