Connect Four 3D

Connect Four 3D 1.1

ConnectFour3D is a board game where you have to arrange stones.
1.1 (See all)
Stefan Sigl

Connect Four is fun but not as much in 2D than in 3D. You have 3 levels of difficulty against the computer: easy, normal and hard. You can also play multiplayer against a friend on the same machine.
Also there is not only the "classic gamemode" where the player who manages to get 4 stones in a row first wins, there are also available other game modes, "Full Board" and "100 Stones", available.
Game modes: Classic where the player wins who manages to get 4 stones in a row first. Full Board where you play until no more stones fit on the board and the player with most complete rows wins. And 100 Stones where every player has 50 stones and if a row is completed the player gets points and the stones will disappear. The game ends when all 100 stones were place. The winner is the player with most completed rows.

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