Concentrate 1.2

Fewer distractions, more productivity.
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Concentrate... Fewer distractions, more productivity.
Concentrate helps you work and study more productively by eliminating distractions.
To start, create an activity (study, write, design, etc) and choose actions (described below) to run every time you concentrate. When ready, just click "concentrate." All your distractions will dissappear and a timer will appear to help you stay focused.
Actions that can be run include:
- Launch Applications: Choose apps needed to complete your activity
- Quit Applications: Quit any distracting or unnecessary apps
- Open Websites: Open any sites needed for your current activity
- Block Websites: Keep yourself from distracting sites like Twitter or Facebook
- Open Documents: Open any pertinent documents in their default applications
- Set Chat Status: Set your iChat, Adium or Skype status to away
- Speak a Message: Set up spoken messages to alert you to stay on task
- Play a Sound: Add a sound alert to notify you of progress along the way
- Run Scripts: Run scripts to remove any unique distractions not already eliminated
- Growl: Remind yourself to stay on track with Growl notifications

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