Concealer 1.0

It helps you hide and protect the files containing confidential information.

Concealer is an application which can help you hide and protect the files containing your confidential information lest it should be available to anybody. The protection is reinforced by the AES-256 encryption, which has a complex encryption algorithm designed to fight unauthorized access.

In addition, the utility also allows you to organise all the information and, thus, have quicker access to it. The application includes various templates, which help you structure your confidential data. You can simply drag and drop your files or copy and paste text to the three different card types. For easy handling, you may sort these cards by type or category and get a clear overview of your information.

The search feature of this utility helps you find the card you need without wasting your time and keep everything readily available only to you. Thus, you can manage the information with a few clicks. Another feature provided is that you have the possibility to export these cards to text files, copy several fields to the Clipboard, and even transfer everything to a new location for backup.

The program comes with a user-friendly interface, which allows you to perform any operation in a clear and simple way.

Amelia Wagner
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