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Compartments - Organize Your Stuff 2.1

Easy-to-use home inventory app.
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Compartments is a brand new, gorgeous, fast, easy-to-use home inventory application. FEMA recommends that every household keep a complete inventory with photos to prove loss after a catastrophic event. With Compartments, it's easier than ever. Plus, Compartments helps you remember where all of your stuff is. Ever organize a room, only to forget a few weeks later where you put everything? You won't with Compartments.
What's new in this version:
First, an issue that caused Compartments to lose track of what location you were working on when adding items is fixed. Now, after adding a new item, the current location will be remembered when you add another new item.
Second: images dragged in could result in slowing down Compartments over time in the previous version. To fix this if Compartments is sluggish, just edit and re-save the images you've already added. Images added from here on out will not have this problem.

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