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Bored of getting your inbox filled with comments from your WordPress Blog? Want's to see those comments in the Notification Center on your Mac? Wants to see how many unread (and total!) comments are on your blog at a glance? is your new friend, it'll let you know, and one click later, you're approving, marking as spam or replying! Oh wait, maybe you just want to be able to browse all your comments when you're online, and prepare an E-mail for that one user who wrote something nice on your blog? has it all, and more:
- Add all your blogs in one app - Simply enter the URL, username and password, and will auto-discover (much like the amazing MarsEdit does).
- Integrates with Mountain Lion's Notification Center! If you don't need to read or search your comments, you'll never need to open's main Window!
- will also auto-discover multiple blogs on the same domain, and add them all at once!
- See in the Menu Bar the total amount of "unread" comments you have - See as well for each blog an item that tells you how much for each one.
- Decide wether you'd like to retrieve Approved, Waiting for Moderation or even Spam (Turned off by default!) comments.
- For each status, decide fine-grained what kind of "Notification" you want (Menu Bar, Menu Bar Item, Notification).
- Open's Main Window and see all your previously downloaded comments, from all of your blogs, sorted by posts!
- Search a Text, a user name or a Post title!
What's new in this version:
- IMPROVED Auto-detection of your blog settings.
- Bug fix: No double comment selection anymore when leaving the reply panel.



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