Comixware 2.1

Interactive storytelling with re-editable multimedia

Comixware is an interactive storytelling software that marries multimedia presentation and editing in one seamless system that is not only a content builder for author but also an interactive player/editor for viewer. The key features of Comixware are:
1. Multimedia presentation can be created, reedited and customized infinitely by both author and viewer in Comixware object oriented authoring environment. It uses an intuitive filmstrip GUI to let user control over idividual property (media type, composition, timing, color and visibility) of each movie object both at the scene and at the timeline levels.
2. Compatible with a wide range of media: QuickTime, AVI, SWF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PICT, PSD, TIFF, TGA, MP3, AIF, WAV and AU.
3. The data independent architecture makes online collaboration inherently more efficient than traditional methods. Its asset filtering capability eliminates media redundancy and downloads only when and what it is needed. Plus it has solid encryption and privacy measures to safeguard users communication.
4. Copy, paste, and insert editing can be performed on single or multiple selections across movies both at the timeline and at the scene levels.
What's new in this version:
1) Remove of posting restriction for "private" sharing in online Gallery so that users can exchange any number of contents easily and freely.
2) Gallery's asset linking engine is now fully augmented that enables user to post and retrieve assets that are originated from multiple sources with various movie associations.
3) Complete re-tune of media engine and bug fixes result in 15% performance gain and stability improvement.

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