Colourful Calendar

Colourful Calendar 1.0

Intended as a desktop the one's that used to be on every desktop.
1.0 (See all)
Rik and Harry SoftWorks

Colourful Calendar is intended as a desktop the one's that used to be on every desktop. Easily viewed...and easily used...
The calendar has user-defined colours for the background, the days, the text or one can assign one's own image as a background. There are a number of embedded background images to select from.
It has no title bar yet can still be dragged to any position. Its position is saved when closed, as well as the colours.
The Calendar is meant to run does not appear on the dock, nor does it have a menu associated with it. Moreover, after switching the calendar to another month, the focus returns to the window of the last application one was using...without the user having to click the window.
There is a contextual menu allowing one to go directly to a different month, rather than having to click incessantly on the next month arrow. The month menus can be set to follow you as you set the calendar to a new month..or remain fixed for that year until the year is changed.
There is a menubar icon that also has the month menus associated with it. Although it can be set to be hidden.
The calendar can be set to check iCal's events for the new day and expose them in a window when the day changes....with access to the events note if appropriate. iCal can be opened from within the calendar.
One can use the internal Message Board that handles messages and reminders in a novel fashion.
Use neither...and they disappear from all the menus.
There is an abundance of keyboard control for the calendar's functions....
It comes with various methods of help..a user guide that uses the Apple Help Viewer system...balloon help as one moves the mouse over an object and a floating keyboard help window...
And...all of this is settable in the Preferences including the balloon help and the floating window.

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