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Free It checks foreground & background colour combinations.
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Color Contrast Analyser can help developers and designers meet WCAG 2.1 specifications, which are intended to guarantee the legibility of text and the use of appropriate color contrast in their applications and web pages. Moreover, this tool allows simulating certain visual conditions, such as dichromatic Daltonism (color vision deficiency) and cataracts, so that people suffering from poor eyesight will not have a hard time to read from or use your application’s interface.

The tool lets you try combinations of text foreground and background colors, which you can select via raw text entry, RGB sliders or a color picker. After doing this, you get instant feedback in terms of pass or fail the specifications according to three requisites: 1.4.3 Contrast (Minimum), 1.4.6 Contrast (Enhanced) and 1.4.11 Contrast (UI components and graphical objects). Likewise, it gives you separate results for small and large text.

It is good that the application can be used to not only diagnose problems but also correct them. In this regard, it is possible to try other values, which you can enter as RGV or by dragging the HSV sliders until you finally get to a successful combination. Regrettably, unlike at least one similar tool, Color Contrast Analyser cannot suggest alternative colors.

Additionally, there is a simulator intended to show how color-blinded people may actually perceive the color combinations you are using. Other conditions, such as Protanopia, Deuteranopia, Tritanopia and Cataract, are supported as well. Again, the application gives you the chance to correct the problems found. more

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  • Supports two modes
  • Based on WCAG 2.1 specifications
  • Three ways to enter color values


  • Cannot suggest alternative colors


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