Color StyleWriter 4000 Series Update

Color StyleWriter 4000 Series Update 1.1

Update your driver for StyleWriter 4100 and 4500 printers.
1.1 (See all)

The Color StyleWriter 4000 Series version 1.1 update is a serial printer driver to be used when your computer is connected directly to the Color StyleWriter 4100 or 4500 printer using the serial cable that comes with the printer. This update fixes communication problems resulting in messages such as ""The printer is not responding"" or ""Sorry, a system error occurred (-23)."" This update also improves printing behavior in some low-memory situations. If your printer is connected to a Power Macintosh G3 computer using the serial cable, or you experience these problems frequently, you should install the update. If your Color StyleWriter is connected to your computer via a LocalTalk network, you do not need to install the update. You'll need Apple Disk Copy to open this file.

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