Collageshine Lite 1.1

Capable of merging images with a number of frame templates.
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Collageshine Lite is an image editing application capable of merging custom images with 96 different frame templates. These templates encompass a variety of visual styles and themes, including "simulation" frames that attempt to merge the user-chosen image with its frame through context and image transparency.

There are several glaring problems with this application despite the visual appeal and diversity of its templates:

- The interface is crude, with unhelpful, ambiguous categories separating the templates and no indicator of which image slot among multiple is currently selected. Icons lack tooltips and interactivity is only sometimes intuitive.

- The templates are all different sizes. Some are fairly high resolutions, big enough to be printed on an A4 sheet without pixelation; others aren't even big enough for a postcard. The program gives no hint about the size of each template image other than obvious artifacts if it is aberrantly small.

- The save dialog is deactivated if it was activated for the current template at some point without changing the template since; this means that saving in multiple formats is essentially not supported, nor is changing your mind about whether to save an image in its current state.

For "Lite" software it's not an awful deal, although with all its limitations it should really be free.

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Sam Lloyd
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  • Some templates support multiple images simultaneously
  • Decent variety of templates


  • Poor value for money
  • Unpredictable image size
  • Poorly organized templates



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