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Collage Image Pro is a program that helps you edit your favorite pictures.
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Collage Image Pro is a program that helps you edit your favorite pictures.
The app comes with an interface which is designed pretty well. The program seems to be created both for beginners and experienced users: it provides some predefined settings as well as some advanced editing options.

You should start by setting the size of the output image. In addition, more pictures can be assembled into one single image. The photos within the collage can have either a custom or a random arrangement; it’s up to you just how gathered or scattered you want them to be. You can also round the pictures’ edges by using the corresponding feature.

You can choose as the collage background: one simple color, Gradient (two colors), an imported image, or one provided by the app. You can also add a watermark to the images. The text is reasonably editable; you have the ability to change its size, color, or font. What’s more, you can make individual settings for the text background.

At the same time, you may choose among different effects, either predefined or custom ones. Here you have over 20 main options, ranging from black-and-white to paint-like artistic effects. You can preview your creation before applying the image effect.

When you reach the final result, you can export the output image to JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF formats.

In my opinion, the main advantage of this program is its ability to gather more pictures into one artistic collage. Another great feature is that you can edit each image individually, without affecting the other ones. However, the absence of a ‘Help’ file is noticeable; so, I personally recommend you to browse within the program to better understand what this tool is capable of. It should be noted that this trial doesn’t have a time limit for testing; it just adds a watermark on the output product. Moreover, I didn’t find the ‘Undo’ or ‘Redo’ functions, so I advise you to be very careful when using it. Even with the above mentioned negative aspects, I still consider that you could try this program because it is good.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Artistic effects
  • Preset and custom settings
  • Each image can be edited individually


  • Absence of a 'Help' file
  • No ‘Undo’ or ‘Redo’ functions
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