Codepoints 1.0

Codepoints makes it easy to find and copy any assigned Unicode character...
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Codepoints makes it easy to find and copy any assigned Unicode character, like Emoji characters, special symbols, arrows and shapes into your clipboard with minimal hassle.
★ Search 24,428 records by codepoint or description
★ Emoji support with colored glyphs
★ Preview automatically rendered with best available font
★ Manual override provided for 3rd party fonts
★ Keyboard friendly design

Developers can also use Codepoints to copy invisible or control characters into the clipboard, like null, escape, backspace, bell and so on.
How to use Codepoints
Codepoints is designed to stay out of your way until you need it, and be available instantly without forcing you to click through multiple windows or popups to get what you want.
There are only 2 steps to use Codepoints:
1. Activate the app
- Click the dock or menu bar icon
- Configure a keyboard shortcut if you'd rather avoid the mouse.
2. Start typing!
If you know exactly what you want, just start typing to search for it!
Alternatively you can scroll the list to look around using your mouse or keyboard up/down keys.
To copy a character to your clipboard, just double click or select it and hit enter.

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