Coda Plug-in Creator

Coda Plug-in Creator 2.0

Plug-ins appear in Coda's menu, and can be bound to specific keyboard shortcuts.
2.0.1 (See all)
Panic Inc

For plug-in authors who are not familiar with Cocoa, but wish to write a simple text-manipulation plug-in for Coda in a high-level scripting language, we provide the Coda Plug-in Creator. This tool takes your high-level script code and wraps it within a native Cocoa bundle that Coda will accept.

If you're familiar with "commands" in TextMate bundles, you'll feel right at home with Coda script plug-ins.

Your script can be written in any language for which you have installed a command line interpreter, including Perl, Ruby, shell scripting languages, among others.

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