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Cocktails for Mac is a very complete bartending guide.
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Cocktails for Mac is a very complete bartending guide. It is a great reference guide that contains over 450 cards that explain how to make a drink, the ingredients that it contains, and pictures. This application is based on a 240-page PDF guide. The app was tailored for widescreen monitors and it comes with high resolution, professional photos of the prepared drinks.

The main window shows an introduction to bartending right in the middle of the screen. There are two toolbars, one on the left part of the screen, and the other one at the top. They contain different types of drinks: Martinis, classics, summer, tropical, creamy, shooters, warmers, and mocktails on the left and spirits, wine and beer, and 101 wines at the top. When you click on one of those, you get a full list of all the drinks that fall in that category. For example, if you click on "Creamy", you will find the Banana Boat, Brazilian Monk, Brown Cow, etc. Clicking on any of those will bring up a card with information about the drink. You can add these cards to your favorites, which you can access from a link on the top toolbar.

You can also read the book like you would on a PDF reader by scrolling a bar at the top of the screen.

In conclusion, Cocktails for Mac is a nice application for bartenders and anyone who enjoys preparing and drinking alcoholic beverages.

José Fernández
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