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Coca prevents your Mac system from going to sleep.
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Coca is a lightweight application that prevents your Mac system from going to sleep. You can use it whenever your computer runs tasks that might be halted due to system inactivity and you don't want this to happen.

The program is installed as a small icon on the upper menu bar of your Mac, so that you can have easy access to it whenever the situation requires it. Clicking on the leaf-like icon drops down the context menu of the tool, allowing you to enable and, respectively, disable the application. The program lets you determine the lapse of time during which your computer won’t be allowed to enter sleep mode. Therefore, you can either choose among the multiple predefined temporal references available, or you can select the indefinite time mode, thus leaving room for enabling the sleep mode manually. To manage the program faster, you can make use of keyboard shortcuts.

With a straightforward approach and an intuitive managing procedure, Coca offers a simple solution to control the sleep mode of your computer. You can set the application to launch at system's login, or you can activate it at request just as easily.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy management of your Mac's sleep mode
  • Enable and disable the sleep mode with just a click
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts


  • Works only with Yosemite
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