Cloud Knights

Cloud Knights 1.0

A physics-based fighting game against the evil Undead Empire.
1.0 (See all)

Cloud Knights is a physics-based fighting game where you get to wield swords, axes and other weapons in battle against the evil Undead Empire. You will wage battle among the clouds and drive the enemies off the floating island battlegrounds. You will get to save fellow knights, defeat enemy forces and crush the sources of their powers in various mission types.

Any part of the campaign can be played in two-player mode on a shared screen, so if you're having trouble on your own or just want to share the fun, you can ask a friend to assist you on any mission. Or if you feel like competing against a friend, you can challenge them to a duel and show them who's got the bigger sword.

Each knight is lead to battle with an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master two-button control. All movement, attacks and blocks are performed by simply swinging your weapon, so fighting while balancing on the floating platforms can get tricky.

Every platform in the game responds to other objects colliding with them. They tilt, rotate and move depending on the characters and other items hitting them. The game world itself offers a challenge, and the charging undead only make things more interesting.

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