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One clipboard for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
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One clipboard for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
Cloud Clip keeps a history of all your copy and cuts so you can speed up your workflow. Turn on iCloud and share your iMac clipboard with your Macbook Air. Download Cloud Clip for Mobile and access your clippings from any of your iCloud enabled devices!
• Simple access to clipboard from Menubar, dock, or Global hotkey (Cmd Shift V by default)
• Sync Mac clipboard to other Macs and even your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch (Cloud Clip for Mobile is required and is a separate download, iOS 6 required)
• Paste clippings with number shortcuts 1-10
• Unlimited clippings with support for text, images, pdfs, and other formats.
• Use number shortcuts 1-10 to quickly paste a clipping.
• Blacklist apps that you don't want to record from (like 1Password) and pause all recording with 2 clicks.
• Set a cap to the amount of clippings stored so the oldest clippings are automatically pruned from your clipboard.
• Paste as plain text
• Share clippings via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Messages, or Flikr (10.8+ required)
• Star favorite clippings
• Automatic duplicate detection
• Mass delete mode
• Fully resizable window
• Detachable from menubar
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