clonk 5.2

Clonk is a multiplayer-action-tactic-skill game for mac os x
5.2.1 (See all)

Clonk is a multiplayer-action-tactic-skill game. It is often referred to as a mixture of The Settlers and Worms. The game encourages free play but the normal goal is to build a mine and exploit the earth from valuable resources.
The inventor of the game is Matthes Bender. He later sold Clonk via his company Redwolf Design. In Clonk the player controls his crew of Clonks, small but robust humanoid beings. The first Clonk was a two player melee game. In a simple 2D antfarm-style landscape the players fought with rocks, flints (basic explosives) and catapults. Through several versions Clonk developed into a hectic and quite complicated game with numerous tactics and possibilitie

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