Clips for iMovie

Clips for iMovie 1.1

Delivers an HD library of High-Impact video featuring contemporary acronyms.
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Boost your ☆iMovie editing! This app delivers an HD library of High-Impact video clips featuring contemporary acronyms. FML, LOL, WTF, FTW, TMI - That's what we're talking about! Use them in your iMovie creations! Each clip is a carefully crafted visual and aural experience. All are pre-made, polished motion-graphics HD clips, presented with styled humor & expression!
Drag these clips right into iMovie projects for the ultimate in comic relief and entertainment. Put your productions "over the top" and blow your friends & family away with killer videos!
Over 40 Different Clips, each are up to 10 seconds long. The clips use contemporary acronym style expressions. Some of the acronyms lack any tangible social grace. Occasional mature and suggestive themes.
iMovie editing is great fun, extend the experience! App provides easy scroll viewing & saving. Drag a clip right into an iMovie project. No further connectivity required.

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