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Climb! Pilot Logbook... Pilots worldwide have chosen Climb!
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Climb! Pilot Logbook... Pilots worldwide have chosen Climb! for its speed of operation, simplicity of design, and ease of data entry. No matter what you're flying, Climb! has the tools to make quick work of data entry and update. And now there's a new way to enter data "on the fly"...
Mobile flight data collection for iPhone and iPod touch is here! The Climb! Companion is now available on the App Store.
Climb!'s Image Library can link pictures, clippings, and documents to your flight records. SegmentView allows you to "fly" your logbook on a world map or locate airports from the built in airport database. You can access airport data on line and quickly import that data into Climb!. And you can pull up aviation weather from NOAA and display satellite images of airports in Google Earth. Climb! uses a compact, yet powerful interface that also offers:
- customizable flight data display in a single log view window
- selectable hours:minutes or decimal time display
- quick and precise data entry with auto complete and popup tools
- automatic calculation of night flying time New in Version 2.8
- auto entry of qualifying cross country time New in Version 2.8
- built-in airport database with editable information on nearly 10,000 airports worldwide
- iSync enabled flight data collection for dozens of mobile devices
- flight data transfers from Climb! Companion for iPhone/iPod touch
- commercial grade database engine and automated backup for absolute data security
- custom flight report, chart, and logbook printing
- Flight Tracks to keep you in the loop on currencies and limitations
- Custom User Views for quick access to your flight data and display formats
- automatic update check, download, and install
- toolbar Global Search for quick searches across categories
- full flight data import and export capability
- an affordable $34.99 single user license
- Climb! Companion for iPhone/iPod touch at just $4.99! Both for less than $40!

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