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This program helps you reclaim space on your drives.
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CleanApp is a full-featured program for Mac that helps you get rid of unnecessary apps with just a few clicks. This utility can also be used to reclaim space on your drives by finding and deleting duplicated files, old documents, empty folders, iOS backups, and many others.

The app automatically scans your Mac for installed programs and offers you a list from where you can choose the ones you no longer require and uninstall them accordingly. Unfortunately, there might be times when CleanApp could take a while to scan for related files.

You can also work with this program to find documents you haven't been using for a while, file copies, iOS software, Universal Binaries, etc. The aforementioned files might occupy a huge amount of space on your Mac and CleanApp offers you a simple way to reclaim it by deleting them for good from your system.

Another disadvantage is that it cannot perform more than one task at a time. In my testing, I used the app's duplicate finder to locate file copies on a certain folder within my Mac. As soon as I selected another tool to work with (Old Files), the duplicate finder stopped scanning the chosen directory.

Nevertheless, the application proves to be a reliable solution when it comes to reclaiming space on your Mac. CleanApp brings you an intuitive interface, provides you with numerous features, and comes with a reasonable price.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Scans for related files when uninstalling apps
  • Helps you find and delete duplicates, old files, empty folders, etc


  • It might take a while to search for related files
  • Unable to perform multiple tasks at the same time
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