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Play Classic Snake and bring back memories of the classic arcade game.
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Farid Ahmad

Classic Snake is an arcade game for Mac users who are nostalgic about the time they played Snake on their old Nokia phones. The goal is the same: collect as many points as you can while trying to avoid any collision with the board's margins or the snake's trail.

I like the fact that unlike the original version of Snake game, this app lets you choose from various gameplay options. For instance, you can select a snake movement speed, the preferred board type (with/without walls, maze or broken walls) or the number of food pieces available on the screen.

Another thing I like about Classic Snake is that it keeps track of your highest score. This number is constantly shown on the top area of the screen while you're playing.

Furthermore, the application also features various background themes for the board. You can change the current visual settings from the main menu of the app by clicking the Skin button until the background theme matches your requirements.

To conclude, Classic Snake is an entertaining arcade game that comes in handy while you're on a short break from work. The app is fully customizable and comes without a price tag.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Lets you choose from various themes
  • Keeps track of your highest score
  • Offers you various game options
  • Free of charge


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