Clarus 1.5

Clarus is an app that allows you to collect and record data on your pets.

Clarus is an app that allows you to collect and record data on your pets. It was designed to let you keep important information about your pet at hand so that you don't lose time finding it when you need it the most. For many reasons, the passports that you get from your veterinary are needed, but Clarus can be a good way of saving that information on a digital medium.

Clarus' main window is divided into seven categories or tabs, namely Overview, Contacts, Photos, Insurance, Veterinary, Medication and Expenses. As you can see, every little aspect of your pet's care is covered. The Overview window shows a picture of your beloved pet, along with some information about it and the upcoming events. These events include medication, vet visits, etc. The Expenses window shows a record of all the money you have invested in the care of your pet. This includes Vet visits, health insurance, and other types of expenses.

The good thing about this app is that you can keep every little bit of information saved and you can customize the information any way you want.

Clarus has an iPhone app that you can sync with, so you can take all your pets' information on the go. You can also print your database to take it with you.

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