Civilization IV Fall From Heaven mod 0.7

Free Fall from Heaven is a mod for Civilization 4.
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Fall from Heaven is a mod for Civilization 4. Although not full featured for everything spec'ed for Phase 1 this version is fully playable. It is a fantasy-based mod that brings more focus on the religion and promotion aspects of Civilization 4. Toward that end there are unique religion units, increased XP, unit upgrades that last throughout the entire game (a Scout can be upgraded to a Hunter, then to an Assassin, then to a Shadow). Promotions have had their effect increased and many new promotions have been added. The Tech Tree, Units, Religions, Buildings and Civics have all been rebuilt from the ground up.
Spells have been added to the game including Cure Disease (Removes the Diseased and Plagued negative promotions that spread in the game), Bless (gives the units a moderate strength increase until their next battle), Fireball and the ability to Summon Fire Elementals and Demons.



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