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Optimize system work by removing duplicates.
Iris — 3 years ago
So much appreciate for the handy app which identifies and removes duplicates in a short time. After purchase, it runs smoothly and well-worked. My Mac has huge space now, thanks for providing so useful software.
bryanc — 3 years ago
My knowledge regarding Mac, viruses, security, etc. is quite basic. My knowledge regarding computers, viruses, security, etc. When my Mac slows down, I don't know how to deal with it. My friend recommendated it for me. I downloaded it. I think it is very useful to speed my Mac. It helped me find a large number of duplicates.
suzan netiji — 4 years ago
Rock-solid handy little app. That's what I think. It's just 2.6MB, very light app. And it runs pretty well on my Mac Yosemite. Just need a moment, all the duplicates are removed. I highly recommend this app to all Mac users. Thanks to the developer!
mikehicks — 4 years ago
It’s awesome! It helped me clear off more than 1GB duplicate data from my Macbook Air. I even took my sister’s external drive and cleared all duplicate files. Very useful app!
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