Cisdem AppCrypt

Cisdem AppCrypt 2.0

Encrypt any Mac applications by using password.
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Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac is designed specifically for protecting your apps to make sure you are the only master running your Mac. Simply by setting a password and adding the apps to lock to the lock list, no one is able to access your protected apps without the correct password. The app does NOT modify anything in your system settings or applications. It works as a background process and does not use any CPU load while idle. You select which app get blocked and if you decide to remove password from that app, simply delete the app from the lock list.

In case, someone attempts to start your apps without asking, Cisdem AppCrypt will give a command to take a picture of this person by which you can efficiently find and track back what you lost. Besides its powerful function, Cisdem AppCrypt wins a good reception by easy-to-use interface. Everyone is going to love it the moment it installs.

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