Cinedition 1.0

Cinedition organizes imported movies in a project...
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Drag and Drop. You can easily import all video formats supported in QuickTime, and use immediately in Cinedition. Moreover, Cinedition's exclusive, powerful interface and management system help easy and fast browsing, organizing and managing imported movies.
Cinedition organizes imported movies in a project. One project can manage multiple movies and categorizes them into the system you want. In addition, provided with Stack-styled browsing and Label, grouping and visualization of movies are accurate, easy and intuitive.
Cinedition manages information of imported movies in a detailed and elaborate way. Metadata are compatible with iTunes and QuickTime Player as well as industry standards, and automatically included when you export or create movie trailers.
Cinedition provides various options for playing a movie.
Key features are intuitively interfaced along with options such as turning subtitles on and off, giving a rating, making a poster, controlling audio and video including multi rate playback, and so on. Options are also available in a full screen mode.
Control options for movie playback are more than simple rewind, forward, play and pause. You can browse fast and accurately through the entire movie by jumping forward and backward frame-wise or in intervals preset in Preferences.

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