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Create geometry projects and perform calculations.
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Work with desktop or web-based geometry projects on your Mac. Check out the options for manual or automated input of parameters to generate figures and their interconnected elements in accordance with your specifications. Alter several settings to get a new configuration.

With Cinderella, experience Geometry on your desktop and on the web.
Easily create startling geometric constructions! Starting from simple triangle relations, continuing with trigonometric theorems up to fractals and transformation groups Cinderella lets you create and manipulate visualizations in an intuitive, yet powerful way. Using Java¨ technologies, constructions are seamlessly exported to the WWW.
Use simulations for virtual laboratories - Freely experiment with masses, springs, charges and fields! Liberated from the constraints of reality, scenarios ranging from atom physics, classical mechanic to planetary orbits may be examined. Effortlessly sketch experiments using the mouse and bring them to life with a simple click.
Expand to your needs - With the easy-to-learn functional programming language CindyScript you can extend Cinderella's behavior to your needs. You can plot functions, move objects automatically, draw arbitrary figures - there is no limit but your imagination.
University-Level mathematics with an intuitive interface - No matter whether you are doing K-12 mathematics or you are into Projective or even Hyperbolic Geometry - Cinderella supports it natively. Internally, Cinderella uses a state-of-the-art Theoretical Background that combines all these into one. Paired with the continuity features based on analytic functions, you can be sure to learn mathematics, not software.
Teach and share - Make Cinderella available to all your students with an Extended Campus License! At an affordable low price, this license makes it easy to provide all students and teachers with a legal copy of Cinderella that they may use in school and at home. And it runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and many other Unix variants.


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